archives: 27-jun-13: Animal Rights Academy 2013 Summary and Concluding Statements


AnimalRightsAcademyConclusion   27-jun-13


archives: 25-apr-13: Tolsoy, Gandhi, and Bearing Witness

Tags                                                                            Readings: Leo Tolstoy, “The First Step.” Preface to Howard Williams, The Ethics of Diet: An Anthology of Vegetarian Thought. 1878. Tolstoy, The First Step and Leo Tolstoy. “The Kingdom of God is Within You” Chapter One Tolstoy, The Kingdom of God … and Toronto Pig Save / Cow Save Statement of Principles (course reader)

archives: 11-apr-13: Comparison of Animal Exploitation with the Holocaust


Thank you to Jayme Dunlop for recording this lecture, and to Michael Sizer for filming it.

Readings: Sztybel, David. “Can the Treatment of Nonhuman Animals Be Compared to the Holocaust?” Ethics and the Environment 11 (1) (2006): 97-132. at Sztybel, Holocaust reading

Supplementary readings: Patterson, Charles. Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust. Lantern Books: 2002; Roberta Kalechofsky. Animal Suffering and the Holocaust: The Problem with Comparisons. Micah Publications: 2003.
Glass, Charles M. Life Unworthy Of Life: Racial Phobia And Mass Murder In Hitler’s Germany. New Republic: 1997; Bauman, Zymunt. Modernity and the Holocaust.Cornell University Press: 1989.
The Spectre of Speciesism: Buddhist and Christian Views of Animals. Online: Waldau, Spectre of Speciesism intro

archives: 04-apr-13: Star Trek and Animal Rights Ethics

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By Paul York

Thank you to Jayme Dunlop for recording this lecture.

Reading: selection from Judith Barad. The Ethics of Star Trek (2001).

Readings: Introduction and excerpt from Chapter Five of James Rachels. Created from Animals: The Moral Implications of Darwinism. Oxford University Press, 1990, pp. 194- 223, at James Rachels reading; Singer, Peter. “Animal Protection and the Problem of Religion: An Interview with Peter Singer” in A Communion of Subjects. pp. 616-618.

archives: 28-mar-13: The Role of Religion: Both for and Against Animals



Readings: Kienzle, Beverley. “The Bestiary of Heretics: Imaging Medieval Christian Heresy with Insects and Animals” in A Communion of Subjects, pp. 103-116; Cohn-Sherbok, Dan. “Hope for the Animal Kingdom.” In A Communion of Subjects, pp. 81-90.

Readings: Reading: Chapple, Christopher. “Inherent Value without Nostalgia: Animals and the Jaina Tradition.” In A Communion of Subjects, pp. 241-249; Bryant, Edwin. “Strategies of Vedic Subversion: The Emergence of Vegetarianism in Post-Vedic India.” In A Communion of Subjects, pp. 194-203; Waldau, Paul. The Spectre of Speciesism: Buddhist and Christian Views of Animals (in course reader).